Photos of the Week

"Don't waste your money on a new set of speakers
You get more mileage from a cheap pair of sneakers"

Guess that song?  It's an older one... but probably not considered an "oldie" yet.   I was listening to it as I walked around my neighborhood in my new running shoes.  The last time I bought new running shoes was in 2005- yikes!  Tells ya how much I haven't exercised in the last 8 years!  

While I can't really run yet (every time I try I end up with a migraine), I still love walking.  This is the most beautiful time of year and even though I don't live in the nicest neighborhood, it still has some beauty.  I'll just say that older homes have character :)


  1. Beautiful the color!

  2. Love those first two pictures! They are gorgeous! I want some poppies in my garden now :)

  3. Still Rock N Roll To ME by Billy Joel! I am a Long Island girl and grew up with Billy Joel songs. BTW, my sneakers are as old as your. . . Lol!

  4. I'm so sorry running gives you migraines! Running is helping mine get better. Our confusing and complex! I'm eagerly awaiting my Amazon order, including the book Heal Your Headache by David Buchholz M.D, a neurologist in my area. I'm going to check the book out before deciding if I will make an appointment with him. I wish I could get rid of mine, and yours sound even worse than what I suffer.


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