Photos of the Week

The cherries on my tree are just about ready to eat... yum!

It's been a rough couple of days.  Not much sleep for reasons I don't understand.  Sometimes my body just won't let me sleep and it's frustrating.  Today I'm taking it easy and watching movies at home.  My amazing husband is taking his own vacation time to help me out with the little guy too.  I couldn't make it without my husband :)


  1. First time on your blog but last :) I live in UT too, so i thought I would say Hi :) You are amazingly talented, and I'm so inspired :)

    I hope you get some better sleep tonight!

  2. Thanks for the link to that book Beth. It looks like it might be worth reading. I've tried so many things to prevent migraines, but they are mostly tied to some back problems I have, so my case is a bit different than the average migraine sufferer. They affect my sleep for sure, but then not getting enough sleep makes it more likely for me to get a migraine, so it feels like a catch-22.

  3. That sucks, I struggle with sleep sometimes too. It's so frustrating and exhausting xxxxx

  4. Aw, your migraines sound so hard to fight! Mine are tied to my hormones so I felt like no dietary changes would help. His talk about keeping my triggers below my own personal threshold made enough sense to me that I'm going to give it a read. Doesn't sound like what you are dealing with. I'm so sorry!


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