Messy Frames Tutorial

Upcycled messy painted frames
Upcycled messy painted frames

So....... usually I'm painting stuff to put in frames, but this time I played with painting the frames themselves!

This is such a simple and quick project.  Only two steps and you're done!

picture frames- preferably white ones
acrylic craft paints
paint brush

Step 1:  Paint stripes or dots or whatever other design you like on your frames in multiple colors.  Let dry for a few minutes.  The more you let the paint dry, the harder it will be to rub back in the next step.

Step 2:  Holding the painted frame under running water in the sink, gently rub off some of the paint you just applied.  It's up to you how much paint you want to rub off.   Lay out to dry.

You're all done!  See.... I told you this a was a quick one!  All you have left to do is find the right stuff to fill your frames with.  I went for some old watercolors from my "mess-ups" pile.  Now I have some bright and cheery decor for my art room :)

Upcycled messy painted frames
Painted Frame with Red Tricycle Painting


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