Photos of the Week

My hollyhocks are in full bloom......

The only problem I have with them is that they fall over so easily.  We had to stake them down.  But they are so pretty and kind of rare these days.  They are old fashioned flowers (at least around here) and that's part of the reason I like them so much :)


  1. I love Holly hocks - they're worth the trouble even if only for a few short weeks of bloom .... Your photos are simply beautiful and really capture their fragility.

  2. My dad used to grow them. Recently visitied the homeplace, and they still grow in the yard, years after he is gone. They readily reseed themselves, so I brought home some seeds for my daughter's yard. Beautiful photos!

  3. So pretty! I had problems with my iris' getting too tall and fall over too. I noticed someone that had made a string fence to hold their cosmos up the other day. That might work for you. Just a thought.


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