Printing with Recycled Styrofoam

Alright folks... ready to make some more art with me?!!  I promise you it won't cost much.  This simple art project uses recycled materials!

Recycled Styrofoam Prints Tutorial

Styrofoam- you can use a take-out box or other food packaging
Ballpoint Pen
Corrugated Cardboard or Wooden Block
Tacky Glue
Acrylic Craft Paints
Foam Brush or Paint Brush

Step 1:  Cut out a section of Styrofoam with scissors and make your print design by pressing into the Styrofoam with a ballpoint pen.

Don't be intimidated by making a design.  Even if you don't draw you can make a simple design with lines. Heck, you could even scribble on this and it would still be cool :)

Recycled Styrofoam Stamps

Step 2:  Apply Tacky Glue to the back of your Styrofoam design block and glue it to a piece of cardboard or a wooden block.  Set your foam block under some heavy books to dry for about 10 minutes.

Step 3:  Apply acrylic craft paint to your foam design block with a foam brush or paint brush.

Step 4:  Place your painted foam block face down on paper and press it down to transfer the paint to your paper.  Remove the block to see the print you created!
Prints from Recycled Styrofoam Stamps

All that's left to do is experiment with more designs and colors.  You can try painting multiple colors on your block to make some more interesting prints.

Happy printmaking!


  1. This looks like a great project to do with my granddaughter next week....maybe a BD gift for her mom???

  2. This is so clever! I will definitely use this to make easier stamps than having to carve them!

  3. How pretty are these. I love them! Can you print on the a fabric too. Do you have tutorial for this that I can try out myself?

    Thank you so much,

  4. SorrY!
    Yes I did see the tutorial. Thank you Elise!

  5. This is great! Just what has been on my mind all day today..stamping. I researched stamp making and found lots of ideas, but not this one! Thanks for sharing!
    Gina @ Gina's Craft Corner

  6. These are great. I love your designs. What a great way to recycle take out boxes. Love these! Thanks for sharing!

    Linda @ Mixed Kreations


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