Photos of the Week

I spent some time in the high desert of Nevada this weekend with my in-laws and their relatives.  The first time I came here I thought, why would anyone ever come here?  This place is so desolate!  But over the past seven years I've discovered the attraction.  It's about being with family, away from the crazy and busy world.  It's about the peace and quiet.  Usually this trip is really hard on me.  It's hot and I don't do so well sleeping on the ground.  But this time it felt good to get away.  I needed it!


  1. I don't do well sleeping on the ground either but the photos look amazing like maybe its worth the discomfort x

  2. I'm glad that your learning to appreciate it out there. Every place has beauty, it's just sometimes hard to discover it. I certainly feel that way about SJ. I especially like the picture of the sun peaking over those flowers.

  3. Love the pics! The high desert has a certain beauty all its own. I'm used to the trees and rivers so it takes a while for me to see it, but once I've spent some time in the desert I really appreciate it :)


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