Photos of the Week

Good Morning! I took some shots of my dahlias and produce over the weekend.... good material for future paintings :)
Pinnk Dahlia

It's feeling like fall here and life is getting a bit hectic.  So many activities and appointments!  It makes my head spin.  I'm used to the slow and simple life.  I've had to take it easy for so many years on account of my headaches, but that part of my life is improving (thank goodness)!  It's just an adjustment for me to start doing normal things that normal people do.  I feel like I've forgotten how to deal with stress (or how not to get so stressed in the first place).  So here's to starting over again... and hopefully not overdoing it!


  1. The flowers are gorgeous. Yep, here's to starting over again for you, step by step....good luck! x

  2. I'm glad to hear the headaches are getting better. What is helping? I'm a fellow sufferer. I've changed my diet and am hoping that helps. It takes time though.


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