Fall Favorites

I've come to terms with fall.  After all, it has it's perks.......
Fall Flower and Pumpkin Centerpiece

.... pretty leaves, cooler days, yummy comfort food..... good stuff!  

Laminated Dried Fall Leaves
Fall Leaves and Flowers Decor
Fall Leaves and Flowers Decor

I can't decide what my favorite perk is, but I must say it's fun to decorate!  I set up a little centerpiece on our table using my thrifted tray.  Then my son and I laminated dried leaves.  I used some of my sharpie decorated leaves and I love the effect of the light coming through when taped to our kitchen windows.  It reminds me of stained glass :)

What's your favorite thing about fall?


  1. Pretty! I never thought to laminate dried flowers and leaves. Great idea! Spencer and I will have to do some. I like decorating for fall too, but my favorite part of the season is just being outside with all of the brilliant colors. It's sad that it has been too rainy so far this year to enjoy it all though. :(

  2. Love the leaves on the window with the light coming through.


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