Felt Circle Ornaments

Felt Circle Christmas Ornaments

Ready for another decorating tutorial?  I have this stack of old felt that's been sitting in my art room for a while and I finally thought of a good project for it... some soft and kid friendly ornaments!

several different colors of felt fabric
embroidery thread

Step 1:  Cut three sizes of circles out of felt.  Cut 2 large circles of one color, two medium of another color, and 2 small of another color.

Felt Circles

Step 2:  Place a small circle on top of a medium circle.  Make sure it is centered and stitch the small circle to the medium using colored embroidery floss.  Fasten off.  Repeat with the other small and medium circles.

Felt Circles
Felt Circles

Step 3:  Stitch the medium circle to the large circle with another color of embroidery floss.  Fasten off and repeat with other set.

Step 4:  Make a hanging loop.

Step 5:  With wrong sides together, stitch the two large circles together using a whip stitch around the edge of the circles.

Felt Circle Christmas Ornaments

All finished!  Enjoy the fun colors and the decorating!

Felt Circle Christmas Ornaments
Felt Circle Christmas Ornaments

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  1. I love homespun ornaments :)
    These are very cool.
    Merry Christmas.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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