Junk Mail Flowers Tutorial

I hope you haven't been throwing away the loads of junk mail that's been filling your mailbox for the past month.  I have the perfect thrifty decorating project to use up that junk mail on!

How to make flowers out of Junk Mail
Junk Mail Paper Flowers

Junk Mail

Step 1:  Grab a stack of junk mail 8-10 pages thick and cut out three sizes of circles from it: one large set, one medium set, and one small set.

Step 2:  With each circle set, cut five small triangle slices towards the center, but don't cut all the way into the center.  You want to leave room in the middle.

Step 3:  Starting with the smallest circles, stick an unopened brad through the center.  I could only get the brad through 2-3 layers at a time.

Step 4:  After getting the brad through the smallest circles, stick it through the medium and then large circles. Turn over and open the brad to secure it in place.

Junk Mail Paper Flowers
Junk Mail Paper Flowers

Step 5:  Gently fold or curl the layers of your junk mail flower to give it some texture.  All done!

Junk Mail Paper Flowers
Junk Mail Paper Flowers

You can string these little flowers up on a garland to decorate for the holidays or use then as bows for gifts. Perfect!

Check out my Junk Mail Snowflakes Post for another cheap decorating idea.

 Happy Junk Mail Decorating!

Junk Mail Paper Flower Garland
Junk Mail Flower Bows


  1. So creative! I like the idea of using them as bows for presents.

  2. What a great use of junk mail . . .we all certainly have the supplies for this project, LOL.

  3. many thanks - I like it very much!
    greetings and have a nice christmastime


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