Photos of the Week

Out for a date night with the husband.....

We went to a concert at Temple Square and it was the perfect Christmas date!  I think we've only been on a total of three dates this year.... so sad...... I have a good resolution for next year :)

Going out to this concert brought back such good memories of the first time I went with my husband to temple square and met his whole family.  Oh, the good ol' days.  Falling in love was exciting, but being married is even better.  I heard an awesome piece of advice yesterday that I knew I had to share here:

"Choose your love, then love your choice."

I definitely do love my choice.  This past week I was reminded of just how amazingly kind and thoughtful my husband is.  I don't always appreciate him enough for that.  It's during the hardest of times that I remember just how grateful I am to have married such a man.


  1. Beautiful! I miss Temple Square at Christmas time. And, I'm glad you got to get out on a date! We are sadly lacking in that area too.

  2. Ive been behind on my reading but I love the new header!

    Those photos wow!!!

    I know what you mean, I feel lucky to have my husband too, its easy to forget to say so xxxx


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