Pretty Painted Frames

Thrift stores are the bomb-dot-com!  I visit them frequently to pick up picture frames for the piles of paintings I have stored in my art room.

Never seen a frame like this in the thrift store?  Me neither..... this one was gold when I found it.  But it had such beautiful molding on it.  I knew it just had to be painted white.  So yes, it does involve some searching and some work, but it's totally worth it :)

Paint a thrift store frame to decorate your home!

I actually found the pair of these perfectly girly!

If you've never painted a frame before... don't be scared.  It's not hard.  I start by removing the backing and glass, then lightly sanding and washing the dust off the frames.  I give them one coat of primer, let them dry, then give them a coat or two of the final color.  You can use latex interior house paint, spray paint, or even acrylic craft paint. Pretty easy!

thrifted white picture frames

Here's another originally-gold-frame..... painted in one of my favorite colors.... a bright aqua! 

Turquoise painted thrifted picture frame with watercolor cactus
watercolor bird in thrifted white frame


  1. So pretty! I need to hit up more thrift stores!

  2. That was a great find...and you fixed them up beautifully! I love the paintings inside of them too!


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