Artist Spotlight: K.I.M. Art

I got these lovely paintings in the mail this week... courtesy of kimartist and I just knew I had to do a little spotlight.  This stuff is cool!

So there is a back story here.  Last week I accidentally listed one of my paintings in my shop for $3 instead of $30... aaaah!  And I didn't notice until someone bought it! That's not the best mistake to make, but this story has a happy ending.  The person who bought it happened to also be an artist and offered to do a little trade.  sweet!  I was happy to do that! 

So that's how I ended up with these sweet little paintings by kimartist!  They're gorgeous really and I've never seen anything like them.  They are so unique.  The materials listed for these are jacquard, pinata, ink, yupo, and polypropylene paper- stuff I've never heard of.  I definitely need to look that up! I'm fascinated with all kinds of art processes and mediums and this style has so much life to it.

So if you get a chance, check out her SHOP!  It's awesome!

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  1. What a lovely outcome from a mistake. Sometimes the nicest things happen when we least expect it.


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