Photos of the Week

Pink Blossoms
Salt Lake Temple with Spring Blossoms Photograph:  Grow Creative
Salt Lake Temple with Spring Blossoms Photograph:  Grow Creative
Spring Blossoms Photograph:  Grow Creative

Last week my son and I spent some time at Temple Square taking photos of the beautiful grounds of the temple I was married in over 7 years ago.  I absolutely love this place!  I'm so grateful to be a part of a church that values beauty, goodness, virtue, and sacred marriages and families that can last forever.

We also listened to General Conference over the weekend, which is basically two days full of talks from our church leaders who give us messages inspired by the Lord that help us to become better people.  No matter what I am going through at the time conference comes around, there is always a line or a message that seems like was given just for me. I love that! I know the Lord speaks to us! Many times it is through other people.

One message that struck me this time was about family.  A leader from my church said, "If you let Him [the Lord] be the leader of your family, things will work out."  Such a simple and true message.  All this time that I have been struggling with the painful symptoms of Endometriosis and not continuing the hormonal treatments that my doctor recommended have been for a reason.  It doesn't feel right. I don't feel good about any of the options my doctor has presented.  So I'm not doing them.  I'm doing my best to let the Lord guide me and my family, trusting that He knows what is best for us.  Trusting that it will work out in His way and time.


  1. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! And you are right about not taking the hormonal treatments or any other options presented by the doctor. When we don't feel good about the options, when something just doesn't feel right - that is Him speaking directly to you...I wish more folks would realize that the doctors aren't always right. Best to try and determine the cause and not treat the symptoms, and I so strongly believe there are more natural cures to our physical problems.

  2. Beautiful photos and I know the Lord speaks to us too!


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