In the Works

Lately I have waaaaaay too many projects on my hands.  Some I have been working on for months and can't seem to finish.  Others needed good weather before I could really start.  I have so many ideas all at once, but I seriously need to settle down and finish a few.  I might go crazy .... and my husband may or may not like the messes :)

This is what I'm working on:

an acrylic painting for the guest room,

acrylic flower painting

A fun yard project that involves recycled cans and spray paint.... and some plants,

spray painted soup cans

the blanket work continues, it's slow going since I can't crochet too many rows at a time without hurting my neck,

colorful crochet blanket

recycled painting flowers- not sure what to do with these yet, but they look pretty cool :),

and.... a pinata for the Cinco de Mayo party!

paper mache and tissue paper pinata


  1. I understand, I was even asked the other day by my pastor, if I was moving from "station to station" sewing and crafting my day away!!??

  2. That blanket will be gorgeous! Great job! Can't wait to see what you do with everything else!


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