Abstract Stripes Watercolor Tutorial

Abstract Watercolor Tutorial

Ok, I realize that I make a lot of stuff with stripes.  I recently concocted a new abstract watercolor design using them. They're just that cool!

Here's a free art tutorial to make your own abstract watercolor painting:

watercolor paper (any size)
watercolor paints
paint palette
watercolor brush- a small flat one works best
paper towels

Step 1:  Choose your color scheme and mix up the colors you need on your palette.  If you are really stuck on what colors to use, find a photo that grabs your attention and use the colors from it.  Just try not to use too many colors.

I based my painting off of this photo I took of my veggies and flowers last year. I didn't stick to the exact colors,  but you get the picture.  It's inspiration!

Step 2:  Imagine (or draw) your paper divided equally into thirds.  Start painting lines of slightly different thicknesses and lengths along the top third section- painting from left to right (if you are right handed).  You can paint them right next to each other in places, so the paint mixes, or leave more space between in others.  

Switch colors often and randomly. This is kind of a pain because you have to rinse your brush in between each change, but the effect is worth it! I wiped my brush on some paper towels after each rinse to soak up the extra water. That way the pigments stay more saturated and bright.

Abstract Stripes Watercolor Painting Tutorial
Abstract Stripes Watercolor Painting Tutorial

Step 3:  Once your top line is finished, move on to the middle and bottom sections repeating the lines and placing the colors randomly. Let it dry and tadaaa!  All done!


  1. Awesome and effectively, I really like the colors.

  2. Beautiful! I love the colors. You make me want to pick up a paintbrush!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I can inspire some out there to want to paint!

  3. Love this so much! We would love for you to share this at the Caffeinated Crafters Link Party here: http://artzycreations.com/caffeinated-crafters-link-party-9/


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