Photos of the Week

Lilly Flower Photography

I drive by these flowers on the way to the grocery store every week and every time I vow to bring my camera on the next trip.  Well that never happens.  My brain is too full of that week's menus, so on a beautifully-overcast day last week I made a special trip just to snap some photos.  Maybe I'm just a little obsessed with flowers :)

And the rest of the photos are from a trip to a new park we found.  Just me, my son, and my husband having a grand time rolling down a huge grassy hill and enjoying the sunset from the east end of the valley.  It was one of those perfect evenings that reminded me just how blessed I am to have what I have.  


  1. What a beautiful colors.
    I love flowers too, who doesn´t? :)

  2. Beautiful! There is nothing like nature to remind you of the good things x


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