Flowers and Polka Dots

My large floral painting is finished! 

This one was based on some flowers from my yard- my zinnias and cosmos.  I also experimented a little with some crayon was-resist textures underneath.  I love the polka dots!

For now, I don't have any immediate plans for framing or hanging.  Life is moving fast and there are some big changes coming for my family.  It's moving time!

Photos of the Week

Wow... what a week!  I haven't been this busy in a long time, but I was lucky to have enough energy to handle most of it.  Thank goodness.

Every time I am blessed with a burst of energy I'm reminded of how I used to be.  I used to be kinda normal.  It's weird to realize how not-normal I've been for so many years.  It's been so long that I could run more than one errand in a day without getting a migraine, or babysit some kids for four hours without getting totally wiped out.  I hope this new energy lasts and that it's a sign of good things to come :)

Painted Pumpkin Floral Vases Tutorial

pumpkin fall floral craft

I love decorating for fall!  It's probably the season I get most excited decorating for (other than Christmas).  But just using the traditional orange-yellow colors gets a little boring.  Why not add some fun contrast with bright greens and blues? I'm all for it!

I discovered the idea for pumpkin vases over at Green Wedding Shoes, but I wanted to add more color and I don't have a rose bush in my yard so I tried out Zinnias, Geraniums, and Cosmos flowers instead.

Here's how I made my vases:

mini pumpkins
acrylic craft paints
paint brush
large nail or nut pick
fresh cut flowers (or if you want these to last longer, you can use fake flowers)

Step 1:  Choose a color scheme of 3 or 4 colors and paint your pumpkins with acrylic craft paint and let dry.  You can do many things with this part. I chose to do a little ombre.

pumpkin fall floral craft
ombre pumpkins

Step 2: With a large nail or nut pick, create a few small holes in the tops of the pumpkins by hammering the pick into to top.

Step 3: Cut flower stems to desired size and slip them into the holes in the tops of the pumpkins.  You may need to enlarge some of the holes to get the stems to fit.

Ombre painted pumpkin floral vases: Grow Creative

Arrange your pumpkin vases on a table to enjoy! If using these for a party, prepare them right before.  The fresh flowers don't last long!

Mini Pumpkin Floral Craft
Mini Pumpkin Floral Craft
creative pumpkin carving ideas

Fall Projects

I've got lots of projects going for fall! 

Ombre Painted Mini Pumpkins
Ombre Painted Mini Pumpkins

I painted these mini pumpkins yesterday...... ombre style.  You'll be seeing these again next week in a tutorial I have planned.  It involves's gonna be good.

My scarf is finished too. The pattern is coming!

Crochet Infinity Scarf

And I got ambitious with a large floral painting.  I've been feeling better this week, just a little soreness left from the surgery, and I feel like I want to take on the world.  I haven't been able to do much for so long,  I want to do everything, but yes, I need to pace myself.  Patience is a hard trait to cultivate.

Large Floral Watercolor Painting

Old is New

Some new takes on old subjects...............

Blue and Green Original Watercolor Feathers Painting: Grow Creative
Purple,Blue and Green Original Watercolor Feathers Painting: Grow Creative

I've done feathers, hearts, and elephants before........ pa-lenty of elephants, but there's something fun about finding a new way to paint them.  So many many possibilities.

Striped Heart Watercolor Paintings: Grow Creative

The purple heart was a custom request.  I like doing custom work when the subject is something I already love!

Purple Heart Watercolor Painting
Purple, Blue, and Green, Striped Elephant Watercolor Painting: Grow Creative

And this purple feather watercolor is the smallest painting in my shop.  3x4 inches, so very very tiny.  
Purple Original Watercolor Feathers Painting: Grow Creative

Photos of the Week

Payson Lakes

We took a little drive in some more remote mountains... oh my gorgeous! It was worth the drive. We took in the scenery as we listened to General Conference on the radio and stopped for a pick-nick. It's moments like these that take my breath away with beauty.  I let go of my worries and breathe freely.  I really needed that.

Up the canyon a ways were some wow! We couldn't have picked a better day to be there!

Payson Lakes
Payson Lakes

Who knew pie was so dangerous!  hehe

 Slime bombs.... we find joy in simple things.... sometimes silly things :)

Payson Lakes
Nebo Loop Fall Mountain Photography

Watercolor Tomatoes

Original Watercolor Red Garden Tomatoes Paintings

My garden is bursting with tomatoes! I'm not a huge tomato-eater, although I love them on pizza or in a pasta sauce, so I may as well paint them......

Original Watercolor Red Garden Tomatoes Paintings
Original Watercolor Red Garden Tomatoes Paintings

The slices painting is my favorite.  I had never examined the insides of a tomato so closely before- art is education after all :)

Original Watercolor Red Garden Tomatoes Paintings

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