Flowers and Polka Dots

My large floral painting is finished! 

This one was based on some flowers from my yard- my zinnias and cosmos.  I also experimented a little with some crayon was-resist textures underneath.  I love the polka dots!

For now, I don't have any immediate plans for framing or hanging.  Life is moving fast and there are some big changes coming for my family.  It's moving time!


  1. I love the dots! You did an amazing job! Good luck with you move. PS...if this comment show up multiple times, I apologize! I was having a bear of a time commenting!

  2. Hi, i really like your fresh colors and paintings!
    I also love sketching and painting florals!
    And I've planned to do a portrait as you show in your tutorial...

    Hugs from Italy,
    from Sabine

    1. Thank you so much! Good luck with the portrait!

  3. Moving!??? Cool! I love starting in a new place. :) And the painting is beautiful!

  4. Its so beautiful. Can't wait to hear about your moving plans :)


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