I'm Back

Ok, so I never meant to take 2 1/2 weeks off from blogging (that has to be a record for me), but life was crazy with moving, cleaning, selling our house, sending my son to a new school, planning a birthday party, and dealing with an exploding toilet.  The toilet part was not so great, but the rest went remarkably smooth and we have already accepted an offer on our home for more than we thought we would get!  We feel so very blessed and happy that we decided to do this!

The biggest blessing in all of this, is that I have felt well.  For the first time in many many years I feel like a normal person and I can't begin to express how absolutely amazing that feels!  It's incredible what that endometriosis surgery is doing for me.  Best decision I ever made!

I didn't realize how much that disease affected my back and migraines, but it was major.  During this move I lifted a lot of heavy boxes (which I was kind of banned from, but we had to get it moved somehow) and I was expecting some major back pain and migraines, but all I got was some soreness. That hasn't happened since I was probably a teenager! It felt so good!

It's crazy how for so long nothing seemed to be going right in my life, then bam! Everything happened all at once!  I'm humbled to be on the receiving end of so many many blessings right now :)


  1. Both the offer and your health are wonderful news! So awesome! I know how you feel about having the blessings suddenly poured down after such a long struggle. Sorry we missed Porter's b-day. Spencer was being ornery about making a card and then Mason had shots yesterday and we super miserable all afternoon and evening. I hope he had a good one. I'll call soon to catch up.

  2. Im so glad you are feeling better!!! xxx


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