Photos of the Week

Some wintry Christmassy photos..........

Winter PineTree Photography: Grow Creative
Winter Snow Landscape Photography: Grow Creative
duck pond photography: grow creative

Well, my day got off to an awesome start with me dropping a gallon of liquid detergent on the front step and it exploding every where...... and then my boots fell apart.  sigh.  One of those days I suppose.

Sometimes it seems like it's harder to be happy when you are supposed to be the most happy- like around Christmas time.  I think it has to do with expectations.  If I expect my life to be perfect, then yes, I will be disappointed.  But I don't want to expect things to go wrong all the time either.  So here's to finding that happy medium, hoping for better things to come while being content at the same time.


  1. I love these photos of the trees and nature! Very cool look of the trees, Thanks so much in stopping by at my blog.

  2. It is totally about the expectations. I have the same problem often. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Loved seeing some snow. Nothing wintery here yet x


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