Photos of the Week

Enjoying more snow-covered nature...........

Excited for Christmas yet? I'm finally starting to get really excited for it myself- even though I'm still living in my in-law's home and I'm not able to travel to AZ to see my own family.  At least I have my husband home for quite a while.........he got recently lost his job and is on the hunt for a new one. That's stressful, but it has it's perks too.

In some ways I'm glad we're being forced to have a more simple Christmas with fewer presents than usual.  It helps me focus more on what's really important and I've let go of wanting more stuff all the time.  


  1. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and your husband finds the perfect job really soon xxx

  2. I'm sure 2015 will be good for you. As for a simple Christmas, for me that is the best!! Merry Christmas.
    Suzy xo

    1. And a late Merry Christmas to you too! I'm looking forward to a new year and new adventures!


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