Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Guess What?!

It's Inspire Your Heart with Art Day!

I had no idea that such a day existed until  Patience Brewster brought it to my attention. So I'd like to share a special post honoring this day and my favorite!

To be honest, just about everyday is an "art day" for me.  I think about, create, and enjoy it constantly.  I can't imagine a world without some form of art! It gives the world so much light and joy.

So go admire some art today- or make some, if you are so inclined!
(Here's a little inspiration from some of my recently discovered artists if you need help)

P.S. It's the last day of my Winter Hat Sale, (all hats $14) so don't miss out!


  1. I totally love watercolors and I admire your work, but some of these landscapes are divine! Wish I could 1 - afford some of it and 2 - paint like that!

    1. Yes, I admire those landscapes too! Amazing! Thanks for visiting!