Photos of the Week

Let's start out the year with some beautiful blues,

Ocean and Seagulls Photography: Grow Creative
Ocean Waves Photography: Grow Creative

gorgeous greens,

Bird of Paradise Tropical Flower Photography: Grow Creative

and other cool colors of the ocean!

Shell in the Sand, Beach Photography: Grow Creative
Purple Flowers and Ocean

And yes, these pictures were taken by me, in person, at a beach far far away from Utah.  We took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Solana Beach (near San Diego) for New Years and even though it was a little chilly some days and we spent money we probably shouldn't have,  it was totally worth it.  

I come alive when I'm near the ocean.  It does me so much good! And the memories I made with my husband and son are priceless to me. 

In the end, I'll cherish the memories more than any possessions :)


  1. Stunning pictures and colors....I too miss the is so rejuvenating AND relaxing....Thanks!


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