A Look at my Sketchbook

 My brain is overflowing with painting ideas.  Good thing I captured some of them in my sketchbook over the last few months.  If I don't record them, they leave me and may or may not return.

One sunny afternoon I got the urge to get outdoors and sketch some landscape.  It's all still brown here but it was beautiful and warm and I was reminded of why I love to create outdoors!  It restores my soul and gives me peace.

What's your favorite way to spend time outdoors? 

Me displaying my awesome ability to photograph myself and draw at the same time-haha!  not really- I was just posing here!


  1. You do have such a wonderful talent, I do so wish I could capture images like that. Suzy x

  2. For me its walking and taking photographs. Its like a reset button. I cant help but feel good after

  3. You are so very creative and I love your abstract and realistic paintings. I love being outside too. It looks like you've found a great place to relax and recharge!


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