Photos of the Week

The first signs of spring.........

apricot blossom photography: grow creative
apricot blossom photography: grow creative

This is definitely my favorite time of year.  And not because my husband is starting his new job today and we just signed a contract to build a new home (although those are VERY good reasons to like something!)

Spring fills me with hope and optimism.  I love seeing things grow.  I am thrilled to be out in the sun again!  


  1. Yay spring! It seems to have arrived here too, which is much earlier than normal. Congrats on the new house and your husband's new job.

    1. Thanks Alison! I'm glad it's spring where you are too :)

  2. Spring has definitely arrived here. I love it too!

  3. Yay Spring!!!! I love it too. How exciting about building your home. I hope you blog about your progress x


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