Little Purple Flowers

 purple flowers watercolor

a tiny purple flower painting
4x6 inches

For sale HERE.

hooray for spring!

 purple flowers watercolor
 purple flowers watercolor
 purple flowers watercolor


  1. Definitely hooray for spring!
    This is so pretty, you're so good at painting :)

    Neeny x

  2. I love this painting and the new one of the spring flowers. I am an artist wannabe. My daughter majored in art in college and is an art teacher now for primary grades. I BEGGED her to take watercolor classes but she didn't. I wanted her to teach me. I thought that would be a fair trade as we pretty much paid for her education. Anyway, she liked textile arts and block printing better than watercolor so MY eduction was stumped. But now I can admire what others do and I DO love your work. It is simple and peaceful. I hope that is a compliment to you. I mean it as such. I doubt it is as "simple" as it appears. Thank you for sharing your lovely work.

    1. Thanks for sharing! You should take a watercolor class- or you can check out books from the library and do online tutorials. That's how I got into it. It takes a lot of practice, but I love it, so I've stayed with it.


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