How to Paint Watercolor Fruit: Pineapple

How to Paint a Watercolor Pineapple

Alright! It's time to paint a pineapple- the easy way.  This is my favorite fruit of the series, so I hope you like it too!  I've also provided another  free template for your use.

Pineapple Template printed on computer paper
5x7 piece of watercolor paper
paint brush
watercolor paints
cup of water (for rinsing)
paper towels (for blotting in between color changes)
White crayon or pencil

Step 1: Transfer the pineapple template to your watercolor paper by placing the template under the watercolor paper, holding it up to a lighted window and lightly tracing in pencil.  It's important to keep the pencil light so it doesn't show through the paint later on.

Step 2:  You need to create some vertical criss-cross lines on the body of the pineapple.  For this you'll use a white crayon to create a wax resist- meaning when you paint over the crayon, the wax will resist or repel the paint, leaving those lines white.

So grab a ruler, draw vertical lines on direction, then flip it around and go the opposite direction so that the lines cross each other.

Paint a Watercolor Pineapple with this free tutorial and template. By Grow Creative

Step 3: Now it's time to paint!  I find it works well to start with the top of the pineapple and work down.  Adding variations of greens in the leaves and variations of yellows and golds in the body of the fruit give it a lot more interest. 

How to Paint a Watercolor Pineapple

I love watching the crayon resist the paint!  It's like magic!

How to Paint a Watercolor Pineapple

All done! 

How to Paint a Watercolor Pineapple

We still have one fruit left to learn how to paint for the series.... so check back later this week!


  1. I wondered how you made the lines. I know I keep saying this but I have got to get some watercolours to try. Love the fruit!

  2. So cute! Thanks for providing the template. I can't wait to try this!

  3. I can never seem to do this right, my crayons don't work

    1. Are you pressing hard enough with your crayon? If you don't press hard, the wax won't get on the paper. I hope that helps you out!

    2. You can also try using latex masking fluid, but be sure to use an old brush as it can damage them.

  4. Thanks for these tips! I've been trying out this technique on my own (abstract) paintings, with really cool results. Fun!

  5. #Socute!! Amazing room decor for summer. Frame and hang up in room

  6. Wow! I love to paint with watercolor but never knew about the white crayon tip/trick.
    Thanks for sharing. <3


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