Watercolors of Summer

Original Watercolor Flowers by Elise Engh
Original Watercolor Feathers by Elise Engh

Even though I haven't been posting much here lately, I've still been painting.  It's something I can't stop doing, even while I'm recovering from surgery.  I've had so many painting ideas! 

Here are just a small fraction of the work I've come up with in the past two months.

Original Watercolor Popsicle and flowers by Elise Engh
Original Watercolor Colorful Raindrops Design by Elise Engh

I'm into all things summer right now.  Flowers, popsicles, colorful patterns.

Photos of the Week

Hello! I'm back!  I spent a few weeks recuperating in Arizona with my family.  They have a considerably large yard that I could wander around in taking pictures. The walking was good for me physically and I discovered that the prickly pears were in bloom!  So pretty!  Turns out those walks were good for my soul too.  

It was on these walks that I had time to come to terms with just how I feel about this hysterectomy.  It's the hardest thing I have ever had to let go of and the sadness is deeper than I thought at first.  I wanted more children of my own more than anything.  I still cry every day.  My biggest hopes and dreams have been taken away and I have to find a way to let go and be happy.  I can't imagine facing this without my faith in God.