Photos of the Week

I am a lucky person.  I got my first taste of fall colors!

Fall Colors, Nature Photography: Grow Creative

I really do consider myself fortunate.  I can head up a canyon spur-of-the-moment on a Monday morning with John Denver and Willie Nelson playing and the most perfect weather you could ask for.  Amazing! Most people don't have the luxury to enjoy nature like that on a weekday and so I say, I'm the lucky one :)


  1. Beautiful photos! Happy first day of fall!

  2. And look at that moisture on the ground beneath the leaf! And green blades of grass!
    May the blessings of Autumn bring rain, and carry on her winds Abundance and gentle Grace.
    Some rain finally came to our parched and fire-ridden northern California. I opened my front door and
    listened to the music of it falling through the redwoods and into the ground-a melody of grateful embracing.
    Thank you for sharing your good luck!

    1. Rain is so heavenly! Especially if you live in the western US! I'm glad you got some rain in CA.

  3. These are really pretty. Utah IS a beautiful place!

    1. Thanks Kristin! The Fall makes me so glad I live here!


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