Photos of the Week

Our last camping trip of the summer was in the high desert of Nevada.  It's a rough place.  I don't last more than 24 hours and I always come home with a headache, but it's about family so we go.  

I was getting into the rustic shots this trip.  Something about the barbed wire, old wood, and sage brush got my attention.  And the colors in the evenings were gorgeous.  The yellows against the blues made me happy :)


  1. That great open space where the sky meets the land and seems as one makes my eyes open and I feel free and my spirit flies.
    Out on the open rode across that wide open desert soon I shall cross on a journey to Wonder.
    Those blue mountains and grey land hard and soft. Little boy kicking up dust. Your photos capture the truth of it all.

    1. Laurie,
      You are a poet! Amazing words. Thank you!

  2. I agree, Nevada is a beautiful place if you can look past the toughness--but man, it's tough! I've been camping there a couple of times and enjoyed it, but I don't think I'd want to live there year-round. Your photos are beautiful though!

    1. Wow! I'm impressed that you've camped there too Martha! Definitely not an easy place to dwell for any amount of time.


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