Three Blue Feathers

Original Watercolor Blue Bird Feather: growcreativeblog

The inspiration for these three little feathers came from a real feather, but the paintings look nothing like it.  Oh well.  Looking at real objects while painting helps me get better shapes and forms, even if I ignore the actual colors and insert my own.

So here are my nearly-identical versions of the feather in gorgeous blues!

Original Watercolor Blue Bird Feathers: growcreativeblog
Original Watercolor Blue Bird Feathers: growcreativeblog


  1. Beautiful paintings! I love the blue interpretations, really pretty.

  2. I do this too - use photos or objects as a reference for shape, structure and tone but then I play with colours :) lovely feathers.

  3. These are just beautiful, Elise.

  4. Lovely and simple! May I ask how you managed to leave the fine white line in the centre unpainted? x

    1. Thank you! I just painted around that line to leave it white. It was hard, but doable. You could use masking fluid to get the white line also.


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