Photos of the Week

Are you tired of my lake photos yet?
I hope not- cause I got lots more coming your way!

Saratoga Springs
Utah Lake Photography

Last week was not my best week ever.  Fatigue and pain came back with a vengeance.  I'm still trying to figure what the heck to do about it.  It takes so long to get in to see a good doctor so at least I have some time to think.  Endometriosis is a beast and hysterectomy sure does not cure it.  Hysterectomy made it better, much more manageable, but I can tell, the disease is still there.

So, in the mean time, whilst I try to live a normal life, I head over to my lake and breathe in the fresh air and pretend I don't have that nasty disease, that it doesn't exist and that life is still good, which it is.  I've spent so much time seeking the good and the happy and that's what I have to keep on doing.  Pain is a good teacher.  It teaches me what really matters and what really doesn't.  So I'm grateful for that :)

In the Works

I have been so busy! I have a new house I'm trying to put together and I've had a few large painting commissions.  Business is good and I can't complain :)

This painting is done now..........  a 30x44 inch pink feathers watercolor! Pheww!  I set a record for the largest watercolor I've ever sold with that one.  And since I didn't have an easel or board large enough to attach it to- I had to tape it to my wall :)

My hexagon blanket is going oh so slow.  I started it months ago and it will still be some months before it's finished, but it's going to be pretty! I'm working on tutorials and a pattern to go with it- so stay tuned for that this winter.

And.... I brought my bat invasion along with me to my new home.  I don't have any pictures hanging up yet so these paper bats are a welcome site on my bare white walls.

Photos of the Week

This is what our lake looks like on a rainy day. As beautiful as ever.

Utah Lake
Utah Lake

We named this section of pathway "snail trail" hehe!

My favorite parts about living in this city are the friendly people and discovering new places to see the lake.  It's mostly marshy around the edges and most of the land next to it is private property so it's hard to find access.  But we'll find it and enjoy it where we can get to it!

This is me in my new house!

This is me

 This is my house

This is the sewer that backed-up in my basement (not supposed to happen in a new house!)

This is my creative space- needs lots of work, but has tons of beautiful light!

This is the view from my front porch

And this is the lake that I can drive to in less than five minutes....the whole reason we moved here!