Photos of the Week

This is what our lake looks like on a rainy day. As beautiful as ever.

Utah Lake
Utah Lake

We named this section of pathway "snail trail" hehe!

My favorite parts about living in this city are the friendly people and discovering new places to see the lake.  It's mostly marshy around the edges and most of the land next to it is private property so it's hard to find access.  But we'll find it and enjoy it where we can get to it!


  1. Elise
    I just love that you celebrate the small things in life. My Instagram is full of little images of no special significance that make me happy in my daily life, and I see you do it so well here on your blog.
    It reminds me to look UP at the clouds, or DOWN at the grass.
    It's such a gift.

    Have you changed your header/colours?
    Something seems a more vibrant.

    Am I completely wrong?!?

    1. Thanks Pia! It brings me a lot of happiness to look for the small beautiful things in life- I'm glad you do that too. And yes, I did change my header!

  2. I am really liking that snail shell! That spiral of a shell is just perfection itself-reminds me, for all the world, of a rams horn. I keep going back to it because I find it a most amusing photo. Funny little creatures snails are.

    1. That's my favorite photo from my walk along the trail too!


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