Photos of the Week

 My lake is now frozen.............isn't it pretty?  I could look at ice crystals all day.

Ice crystals, frozen lake :growcreative
Ice crystals, frozen lake :growcreative

This was the week when everything outside froze and my family came to stay with us in our new house!  Exciting stuff! 

Even though my life is hectic and stressful right now (I'm getting ready for Endometriosis surgery #3 in a few weeks), I keep finding more proof that I'm in the right place and that is a good feeling.  

The kind people around me that reach out and help when I need it make me so aware of a God who cares about me.  He's given me the people I need in my life right now and it makes me cry to feel that love, to know that I'm not forgotten.  Illness can be a very lonely thing.  In my darkest, hardest moments I have cried out "Where are you Lord? How could you let this happen to me?  Why don't you help me fix this?" I felt abandoned, but eventually He always finds a way to show me that He is still there and that I'm not alone. Yes, He does let me struggle and I don't always understand that, but I can't deny that He is there and will step in at the right moment.  He won't let me fall.


  1. That lake is spectacular!

    My best wishes for you, and may your surgery be successful. I hope you will be able to celebrate a happy and healthy Christmas with your loved ones.

    1. Thank you for your well wishes! I think it will be a relaxing take-it-easy kind of Christmas and I'm good with that. Merry Christmas to you too!


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