Custom Watercolors

Commissions are always good and it's more fun when people ask me to paint a portrait for them! 
These cute couples' portraits will make some awesome Christmas gifts this year :)

easy watercolor portraits by Elise Engh: GrowCreative

If you want to try your hand at one of these, I have an Easy Watercolor Portrait Tutorial that you can try.  Watercolors take some practice, but aren't as intimidating as they are cracked up to be.  Just give it a try!

And here's a fun custom elephant painting I just finished yesterday.......
I keep discovering new ways to combine elephants and hearts

watercolor elephants


  1. Your elephants have just convinced me to make a herd of 6-8"lebkuchen cookie Indian elephants decked out for a parade-I never thought about making babies...yours are so sweet-holding heart balloons with their trunks! The mixture of colours you have used on the lead mama cow has me totally inspired! It's cookies today Elise!

    1. I'm glad I could provide some inspiration! I'd love to see your cookies when they're finished.

  2. Uauu! Love it so much! I think I´ll do it for my friends, this is lovely! Thanks


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