Photos of the Week

Stuff that's making me happy this week......................................

My piano!  
A beautiful amazing gift from my parents, whom I can't thank enough.  This is the piano I learned to play on as a kid and now it's fixed up and sitting in my front room!  I'm rediscovering my love for playing music and I play everyday.  

 Blankets and Benches.  
I dug out the plaid/jean quilt I made as a teenager (that was before plaid was cool again) and set it on top of my new Ikea bench in my hallway along with my newly finished crochet hexagon afghan.  I have many furniture painting projects lined up for this year- the bench being one of them.

plaid and jean quilt: growcreative

colorful gallery wall in my family room,

blue green gallery wall



and cactus!  
My mother is probably laughing at me for keeping a cactus in my house, but hey, I like em!

cactus house plant

What's making you happy this week?


  1. Good question! Today I'm happy that it didn't rain and that I got my car vacuumed. :)

    1. Sunny skies and clean cars are great things to be happy about!


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