Photos of the Week

I think we've seen the last of the ice at the lake. 

Utah Lake
Utah Lake
water splash at utah lake

We've been enjoying the warmer days by venturing out and exploring again.  This time we checked out the east side of the lake (opposite the side we live on) and had a grand time chucking rocks into the icy water.  It's simple little things like this that make me happy!

Photos of the Week

Rusty turquoise ford truck photos: growcreative

I pass this old truck on the side of the road several times a week and always I notice how amazing the color is. A rusty turquoise....... you can't beat that!  So one day I actually stopped and photographed it.

Rusty turquoise ford truck photos: growcreative
Rusty turquoise ford truck photos: growcreative

I'm learning that one major component to photography is seizing the moment.  When you see something amazing, you have to stop what you're doing and photograph it because it might not be there next time and light always changes. Carpe diem! 

Whales and Watermelon: Pink Watercolors

I recently bought a new color to add to my palette and I'm in love!
Winsor & Newton Quinacridone Magenta- it's the perfect hue of purple-pinkishness and it looks good on whales.

pink whales nursery art: growcreative
watermelon slice watercolor painting: growcreative

It also works for watermelon!

pink whales nursery art: growcreative

In the Works

My current projects- some finished....... some not.

 I found this pretty curtain panel at Savers and loved the fabric so much that I turned it into a couple of pillows.   One can never have too many pillows! 

floral pillows made from curtains: growcreative

The beginnings of a crochet jacket which I had intended to finish before winter was over..... oh well.  I'll finish it next year.  

crochet jacket: growcreative

A beanie! I couldn't get the original pattern to work for me, so I kinda substituted a different stitch.  I don't like how it looks on me though- so nope, I'm not modeling it for you!

crochet beanie:growcreative

Photos of the Week

Fog, frost, and snow. That was our week.  We aren't used to fog at all so it was fun for us :)

We live right next to these open hills and tried to find a geo-cache in them one afternoon.  Either the cache was gone or we dug in all the wrong places.  Either way- we loved the adventure and it was gorgeous when the sun came out for a few minutes.

geo-cache hunting in the snow: growcreative
frosty flower: growcreative
frosty sagebrush: growcreative
frosted grass: growcreative

Sometimes I get stuck in the house too long and forget how beautiful the world really is.  I thank my husband for his adventurous spirit and for getting me out to do things I'm sometimes not in the mood for, but end up loving afterwards!

A Creative Space

My art room is a work in progress, but I do have a shelf up now!
I'm so blessed to have a room for my passion, my hobby, and my sanity.  Here's a peek into what I call my "art room".  
P.S. Its usually not this clean........

craft/ art room storage: grow creative
craft/ art room storage: grow creative

My table is littered with watercolor lettering attempts and all kinds of ideas.  I have too many ideas in my head to paint right now!

This bulletin board makes me happy- so many cool color schemes to draw from.

color inspiration bulletin board
craft/ art room storage and decor: grow creative

Valentine's Toast

Make Valentine's Toast with Heart shaped bread, cream cheese,and strawberries: growcreative

Does Valentine's Day make your hungry for chocolate? Or maybe something pink?  
I know pink is not a flavor but somehow just knowing that something is pink makes me think it tastes better :)

This year I experimented with toast, strawberry cream cheese, and strawberries- cut in the shape of hearts. 

Here's how you make Valentine's Toast:
Make Valentine's Toast with Heart shaped bread, cream cheese,and strawberries: growcreative

You can cut the hearts out before you toast the bread or after (either way works).  And either way it tastes as good as it looks!