A Creative Space

My art room is a work in progress, but I do have a shelf up now!
I'm so blessed to have a room for my passion, my hobby, and my sanity.  Here's a peek into what I call my "art room".  
P.S. Its usually not this clean........

craft/ art room storage: grow creative
craft/ art room storage: grow creative

My table is littered with watercolor lettering attempts and all kinds of ideas.  I have too many ideas in my head to paint right now!

This bulletin board makes me happy- so many cool color schemes to draw from.

color inspiration bulletin board
craft/ art room storage and decor: grow creative


  1. Today I did some water color backgrounds at my kitchen table. I borrowed my daughter's supplies. I'm not very good at it, but I certainly had fun! I added some words over top, as a gift to some of my dear friends.

    1. That sounds really awesome Beth! I'd love to see!


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