Photos of the Week

Fog, frost, and snow. That was our week.  We aren't used to fog at all so it was fun for us :)

We live right next to these open hills and tried to find a geo-cache in them one afternoon.  Either the cache was gone or we dug in all the wrong places.  Either way- we loved the adventure and it was gorgeous when the sun came out for a few minutes.

geo-cache hunting in the snow: growcreative
frosty flower: growcreative
frosty sagebrush: growcreative
frosted grass: growcreative

Sometimes I get stuck in the house too long and forget how beautiful the world really is.  I thank my husband for his adventurous spirit and for getting me out to do things I'm sometimes not in the mood for, but end up loving afterwards!


  1. Lovely. Looks like you had s fun time. Every geo cache I've ever tried to find I couldn't either..