Art Projects in the Works

I have so many art projects going that it's starting to make my head spin!  I need to hunker down and actually finish some of these.  Do you start more projects than you finish? It's crazy but I can't seem to help myself.

This is a collage idea I had using some of my old watercolor paintings and my scrap-booking paper.  I've glued them onto a board- now I just need to go get some modge podge to finish it.

paper art collage: growcreativeblog

Thanks to buzzfeed, I've had a ton of custom portrait orders the past few weeks! I don't know what they wrote about my work on that site, but it's sending lots of business my way so I'm happy :)

Custom Watercolor Portrait by Elise Engh: Grow Creative Shop
Custom Watercolor Portrait by Elise Engh: Grow Creative Shop

And in the middle of all of that I decided to start another girl-with-flowers painting.  Still needs some work.
Watercolor Flower Wreath


  1. Ive been away from blogs for a bit but im so happy to come back and see you doing so well xxx

  2. Oh those watercolour portraits are really lovely. I also like your collage idea 😁

  3. Oh those watercolour portraits are really lovely. I also like your collage idea 😁

  4. Yes, currently I have three crochet projects going, two mixed media, working on a boho chandy, making citronella candles, lotion bars, and two embroidery projects, oh and I almost forgot my mosaic table top for the pool area! A boho dream catcher, coloring in my
    Color books...and experimenting with art mediums and how each type interacts with different Kinds of media like adding texture paste to acrylics, oil to ink, extenders, molding paste etc etc... Oh and now I'm gonna to work on Pokemon crochet dolls lol... So yep, I know exactly what you're talking about. If I get bored of one then I just pick up whatever strikes my since I can't just focus on one project at a time, there's craft crap (as my husband lovingly refers to it) all over the house, I pull it out of my craft room to work in the living room because I don't like being alone and isolated in the room all by I drag all my craft crap out and it explodes everywhere. My husband ends up embossed in glitter and steps on tiny beads, my son steals my scissors to cut God knows what ( I have a pair for EVERY single possible substrate, medium, fabric, yarn, thread, yeah it's insane I'll admit... But the great thing about having 29 projects going on is that when you hit an artistic Blackhole on one project, somehow i always hit creative pay dirt on another one! On a typical day I'll crochet, then color, then paint, die cut something, anything, then go swim... While I'm soak and wet I always have some sort of inspiration hit me that's so time sensitive ( short term memory loss) so I have to run inside dripping water all over the floor because I've had some artistic genius breakthrough that MUST be done that second lol....never fails... Being creative also comes with a brain that never shuts down as you find inspiration everywhere, sensory overload.... That must be converted into something tangible I guess. I'm not sure where I heard / saw/ or read this... But something like a true creative genius and a true artist, has no less than 20 unfinished projects laying around waiting for that lightbulb moment where everything finally clicks, the stars align, and the moon full....when you can finally finish that project in five minutes, in a creative frenzy, that's been sitting there for two years.... Just patiently waiting for you like a long lost friend....

    1. You sound like a true creative type for sure! You are right about the sensory overload too. Sometimes I can't sleep because I can't shut my brain off. It has it's blessings and curses at the same time. Thanks for sharing!