A House of Plants

These are the little beauties in my house right now.........................

Orange Wildflowers in a white vase, blue and orange home decor: growcreative
Orange Wildflowers: growcreativeblog

I have a little garden growing on my kitchen table.  Some plants are potted, some flowers were found outside in the hills, and some were given to me for mother's day.  I love having living things in my house...............including people :)

Houseplants, flowers and cactus: growcreativeblog
pink and green flowers: growcreativeblog

Are you a fan of indoor plants? I love em' just about anywhere- indoors or out!


  1. I am definitely a fan of indoor plants! I only have one right now though. They are a luxury that is not in our budget. :(

  2. I love them but cant always keep them alive!


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