A Look at my Sketchbook

While I was out photographing red cactus blooms last week I also took the opportunity to paint them. I love painting outdoors, but doing so while sitting on jagged rocks is challenging.

Red Cactus Blossoms- Watercolor Painting: growcreativeblog
Red Cactus Blossoms- Watercolor Painting: growcreativeblog

After the blossoms were done, I moved to a better seat with a view of the lake and mountains.  Here's my quick watercolor landscape sketch!

watercolor landscape sketch: growcreativeblog


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that landscape painting. It's stunning. Also, I was in North Dakota a few weeks ago and went to Hobbie Lobbie and saw your painting. It was so cool to see it there, and of course I had to tell the friend I was with all about you and your blog.

    1. Thank you Alison! I'm so glad you found my painting in the store and I'm super flattered that you told your friend about me :) Thanks for the support all along the way!

  2. This is wonderful! Very different, but both are gorgeous!


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