Decorating with Ocean Colors

House Plants and White Shelf: growcreativeblog

I'm seven months into my new home and I now feel like my family room is coming together.   I'm so so so into blues, greens, whites, and grays. They are the most relaxing, beautiful colors in the world to me.  The colors of the ocean!

All of our walls are a white/cream color so I'm really glad we got brave and painted an accent wall.  The wall color is called "Spa" by Sherwin Williams.  I highly recommend this color!

The bookshelf is a refinished hand-me-down from my grandmother.  This baby made me really grateful for my power sander!  Even with that tool it took many hours to sand and paint.  It looks white against the blue wall, but it actually has some blue tint in it.  

Ocean colors home decor: growcreativeblog
Blue accent wall: growcreativeblog
House Plants and White Shelf: growcreativeblog

And, I've already written about my love of houseplants.  I asked for plants for mother's day and birthday gifts this year and I'm really glad I did.  They liven up any space.


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