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Green Moss in the Mountains: growcreative

We've made it a goal in our family to have more adventures. We have to do things that are not too far from home so it's a good thing we live near mountains!  

This is our geo-cache spot in Provo Canyon where my husband asked me to be his wife 10 years ago.  Such a beautiful place with such beautiful memories.  I love that we live close enough to visit it often and take our son there and tell him the whole mushy story!
Provo Canyon Meadow

We re-vamped our cache with a new box, notepad, and some trinkets.  We can't wait to come back later and see who else has found it!

Green Leaves in Provo Canyon

We took another route back to our parking spot and happened upon the most gorgeous scenery.  Green grass with a little stream and bridge.  This was such a happy day for us!

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