Cactus and Teepee Paper Collage

Desert Paper Collage Art- tepee and cactus- by growcreativeblog
Desert Paper Collage Art- tepee and cactus- by growcreativeblog

Sometimes I need to break out of my normal painting routine and work with different mediums.  I didn't stay completely away from watercolors with this paper collage piece, but I didn't actually paint anything new for it either.  I cut up some old watercolor paintings along with flowers from some patterned paper and arranged them on this wooden board I got from a thrift store.

Being a desert dweller my entire life may have influenced the theme of this collage- just a bit :)

I wrote up some instructions for your info.  It's basically the same process as my Modge Podge Canvas Tutorial from a few years back.

Desert Paper Collage

Wooden Board or Canvas
Scrapbook Paper
Watercolor Paper and Watercolor Paints (optional)
Modge Podge
Foam Brush

  1. Cut scrapbook paper for background and glue in onto the board with Modge Podge and a foam brush.
  2. Cut out shapes from scrapbook paper or watercolor paper.  I cut out flowers from some patterned paper I had and arranged them with some old watercolor paintings of a tepee and some cactus.  Then glue them down on top of the background with Modge Podge.  Let dry.
  3. Cover with a final coat of Modge Podge to seal everything together.

how to make a paper collage with scrapbook paper
Desert Paper Collage on a Wooden Board


  1. This is an exciting piece! It reminds me of the teepee I stayed in near Bryce Canyon-surrounded by wildflowers! Thank you for sharing your piece, it is just what I needed today.

    1. There are teepee's near Bryce? That's sounds awesome and now I want to stay in one!

    2. It's the honeymoon suite at the campground just outside the park. No one was using it and the price was cheaper than a hotel room! How could I not stay there?!

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  3. Beautiful idea! I am reusing an old canvas to make crochet art. Hope to be able to show it soon!

    1. That crochet and old canvas project sounds really cool- I want to see it.


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