Watercolor Cut-Outs

Watercolor Fruit and Feathers Cut-Outs: growcreativeblog

I'm experimenting with new ways to re-use old watercolor paintings.  It's kind of scary to cut up something I spent so much time working on, but after a while I get over that feeling and just have fun!

It's better to use these beauties rather than have them collect dust in my art cupboard.

Watercolor painting Cut-Outs: growcreativeblog
Watercolor Flower Cut-Outs: growcreativeblog
Watercolor Hearts and Dots Cut-Outs: growcreativeblog
Watercolor Painting Cut-Outs: growcreativeblog


  1. I made magnets several years ago using clear rocks and scrapbooking paper and they're still on my fridge. I can see some of these - especially the small round ones - making really cute magnets.

  2. Beautiful! I'd use them as tags, scrapbooking or decorate the mood board! Thank you for the fantastic idea! I'd definitely try this, this summer :)

  3. I almost always cut my paintings up! So doing, I feel like I have more elements to work with and more control over my finished piece. By layering the pieces, the added quality of depth and dimension comes into play... I either end up with a much smaller finished piece or a much larger finished piece. Keep up the fun!

    1. Oh wow! You are brave! How good it is to know other artists and get ideas from them. I bet your work is amazing!


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