Photos of the Week

yellow and black butterfly photo: growcreativeblog
flaming gorge rafting: growcreativeblog

I'm a little late with my photos this week.... still trying to catch up and recover from my trip to Flaming Gorge!

I experienced my first rafting trip ever!!! It was only three hours but still hard on the back.  I did get to see the look of excitement on my little boy's face the entire way- so that made it worth it.  I didn't get any great photos of me rafting, but I did, however, get a photo of me trying out a paddle board (also a first).  I promise I did actually stand and paddle on that thing for a couple of minutes.  It was hard so I'm pretty proud of myself :)

I feel blessed to have had some energy for this trip.  It was quick and intense and a lot of the time I was tired.  I'm still trying to work out the hormone balancing act and I'm not quite there yet.  All in good time.  I have a feeling that once I figure it out, I'll want to be rafting and paddle boarding again.


  1. I'm glad you were well enough to enjoy your trip, even if you were tired. I tried paddle boarding for the first time last summer and loved it!

    1. I'm glad you've tried paddle boarding too- I loved it!


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