Photos of the Week

red roses photograph
red roses photograph
summer sunset

I sorta cheated this week- I took these photos years ago. I just never posted them! For what reason, I don't remember, but at least I can post them now.  I'm thinking I wanna paint those roses!

My energy is so sporadic these days and it can be frustrating. I'll have a couple of good energy days and I'll think I'm finally getting better and then I hit a wall and I'm wiped out for a few days or even a week after that.

I really really appreciate the times I do have energy though and I make the most of it.  I had energy to create a custom portrait, mail my Cactus and Tepee Paper Collage piece to a friend, clean my car (that hasn't happened in about a year), make strawberry jam, make a free coloring page for the blog (I'll post that this week), and take my son swimming.  That is good for me!


  1. So beautiful! I wish you health, joy and a lot of creativity!

  2. The circle of light with the duck and the violet and green reeds captures a moment of simple beauty and calm.
    You have time to make jam! Yay!

    1. Strawberry jam- a favorite past time of mine. It reminds me of my childhood :)

  3. Sending you energy! I love these pictures whenever they were taken!