Boho Watercolor Teepee

My art room is a mess right now. That's a sure sign that a lot of creative things have been happening in there!

Like this Boho Watercolor Teepee with flowers on top.  I'm excited about this one :)

Boho Watercolor Teepee by Elise Engh
Boho Watercolor Teepee by Elise Engh

The more I experiment with watercolor flowers and patterns, the easier it is to improvise and pull them out when I need them.  One valuable tool and artist or illustrator can acquire is a kind of visual library.  Memories of images that let you paint certain things without having to stop and think or look at the real thing for visual cues.  You just know how it should look and you do it!  

I feel like I'm just beginning to develop that, so I have a long way to go.  But I think it's worth the effort.

Boho Watercolor Teepee by Elise Engh
Colorful watercolor paintings by Elise Engh: Boho Teepee, Love You card, Flowers

So for now, I'm enjoying the mess on my art table.  It's full of fun colorful things, so I don't mind the mess!

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